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Here are 4 sample lessons focusing on scales, sweep arpeggios, chords, and learning songs.  Enjoy!

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Hear what my students are saying! 

As an adult student, I have studied guitar under Mike’s guidance for several years now. I started with Mike when he was teaching from his home studio in New Windsor with a focus on the electric and acoustic guitar.

After several years, I switched over to the classical guitar (6 years ago) and have been working with Mike with my concentration on the classical guitar, exclusively.

Mike has been the best music teacher I have had since I began the guitar in college and has such a great skill of breaking down musical concepts, ideas, theory, and technique to its clearest level.

He always delivers a few key concepts to work on instead of attempting to put too much information in your hands.

As a college instructor of business, I can appreciate the value of an outstanding teacher and what it means to a student’s success.

Thanks for all the great lessons and hope to continue with you in the future!

John Cary

Marist College